File a Complaint

The Real Estate Commission wants to ensure that all parties to a real estate transaction on Guam are treated in a fair and honest manner. If you feel that you have not been treated in a fair and honest manner, please contact the Department of Revenue and Taxation (Real Estate Licensing Branch) to express your concerns.


The following form should be used when filing a complaint with the Real Estate Branch of the Department of Revenue and Taxation against a real estate broker, salesperson, brokerage, or any unlicensed person acting as a broker.

Real Estate Complaint Form

All parties who file a complaint must be willing to appear as a witness, testify, and be cross-examined concerning the allegations made in their complaint.
The Real Estate Commission reviews complaints against real estate licensees accused of misconduct. If the Commission finds that a real estate licensee has violated the Guam Real Estate Licensing Law, it may recommend to the Real Estate Commissioner that the licensee pay a fine or have his license suspended or revoked.
The Real Estate Commission cannot give legal advice or act as your attorney. The Commission cannot assist in resolving disputes involving such matters as quality of workmanship of construction or the payment of real estate brokerage fees. The Commission cannot order contracts to be canceled. If you have these types of problems, you should consult an attorney.