Guam Real Estate Commission Overview

The Guam Real Estate Commission is composed of seven (7) members who are appointed by the Governor of Guam and confirmed by the Guam Legislature. By statute, four members must be licensed real estate brokers who have been active for five years prior to their appointment. One member must be selected from the general public. One member must be a Guam licensed attorney. One member must be a classified employee of the Real Estate Licensing Division of the Department of Revenue and Taxation. Members are appointed for a term of four (4) years. The Guam Real Estate Commissioner is the Director of Revenue & Taxation.

The Real Estate Commission provides recommendations of policy to the Real Estate Commissioner that the Commission deems beneficial to the welfare and progress of real estate licensees, the general public, and the real estate business on Guam. Per current Guam law, the Real Estate Commission shall meet to transact business at least once per quarter. All meetings of the Real Estate Commission shall be open to the public.

Meet the Real Estate Commissioners

The Current Real Estate Commission includes the following members:


Chairman: Frank Pangelinan


Phone: 671-864-9531

Secretary: Alice P. Sebastian-Cruz


Phone: 671-635-1844

Member: Richard Gutierrez


Phone: 671-488-6919

Member: Ramon Puangco


Phone: 671-888-2100

Member: Clare Delgado


Phone: 671-483-2120

Member/Attorney: Marsil Johnson


Phone: 671-477-7857


2019 Guam Statutes – Title 21 – Real Property Division Chapter 102 – Administration


Unless noted otherwise, all Real Estate Commission meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis, and are held in the 2nd Floor Conference Room of the Department of Revenue and Taxation. All meetings are open to the general public.


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